Important Information for Website Owners

The best websites are clean and usable, built for growth and maintainability, and have a beauty born of their functional design.

This blog has information which I hope will be of interest to website owners, businesspeople, and busy professionals (outside of the computer
industry).  It is designed to help this audience with their website.

Tips and Tidbits

June, 2012
This is the topic of a talk I will be giving at FOSSCON on August 11, 2012.  Check back for more details.
March, 2012

1.  What is the goal?
2.  Who is the audience?
3.  How do you measure success?

July, 2011
If you are building a website for a retirement community you might think your customers don't bother with social networking.  But a recent survey shows that 30% of people over 65 are subscribed to social networks like Facebook.  Do you know what that 30% is saying?