Categories: General
      Date: March, 2012
     Title: Planning a Website - 3 Tips

1.  What is the goal?
2.  Who is the audience?
3.  How do you measure success?

1.  First, keep firmly in mind - What is the goal of the website?  Are you building it to provide information to prospects? To sell products directly to consumers?  To get inquiries from prospects?  For greater brand recognition?

2.  Who is your intended audience?  Do you market to CEOs?  To engineers, chemists, or scientists?  To the general public?  Or to children?

3.  To check on your answers to the first two questions ask yourself:  How will I know my site is a success?  By the dollar amount of purchases?  By the number of Inquires?  By the buzz on FaceBook and Twitter?  By the compliments on the site's appearance?  Or by the number of times I was able to tell prospects "that information is on our website"?